What are the signs of fertility in a woman

One of the signs of a woman’s fertility is the signs of ovulation, because ovulation is an indicator of a woman’s fertility.

What are the signs of a woman’s fertility?

The stage of ovulation begins approximately 10-16 days before the start of the menstrual cycle, when the ovary secretes the egg, then signs of fertility appear and may not appear in women, but the absence of these signs does not indicate infertility. And examples of these characters according to (Web Medicine).

  1. Ovulation pain

Some women experience pain on both sides of the ovary, and the side can change every month. This pain often occurs before or during ovulation and lasts a few minutes, or for some women it may last longer.

  1. High temperature

The body temperature rises slightly during the first 24 hours of ovulation and drops to return to what it was if no fertilization of the egg occurred. This rise in temperature is due to the increase in progesterone, which contributes to the increase in the thickness of the endometrium.

  1. Cervical fluid change

Cervical fluid helps move sperm easily, and a change in this fluid is a sign of a woman’s fertility as it becomes less viscous during ovulation and this change helps keep sperm alive even after 5 days, and it also moisturizes the vagina to facilitate intercourse.

  1. Changes in saliva

Changes in saliva are one of the signs of a woman’s fertility, as crystals begin to form in saliva as a result of the change in both estrogen and progesterone, but some factors help cover this change such as: B: smoking, brushing teeth, eating and drinking. It is difficult to pay attention to such an indicator.

The signs of a woman’s fertility are not limited to what was mentioned, but there may be other signs such as:

  1. Women’s height

Many people think that shorter women are more fertile, but research has found that average sized women become more fertile over time because men prefer to choose a medium sized woman rather than tall or short women, and the infant mortality rate of a small mother. greater than the length.

  1. Breast size

Research has found that body shape is linked to the relationship between hormones and thus fertility, as it was observed that both estradiol and progesterone were increased in women with larger breasts and a narrow waist compared to women with small breasts who had long, even if they had a small waist.

  1. Tone

An association has been found between tone and fertility, as tone increases its base frequency and becomes more attractive before ovulation, and the frequency of tone has been found to vary throughout the menstrual cycle.

Misconceptions about female fertility:

After talking about the symptoms of fertility in women, we move on to talk about some misconceptions about fertility such as:

Stress affects fertility

Stress can increase when not being able to have children, but there is no scientific evidence to confirm the effects of stress on fertility, but stress indirectly helps reduce a couple’s desire to have children.

Food quality reduces fertility

There is no scientific link between diet quality and fertility in women, but in any case, you need to stay away from anything unhealthy, focus on healthy eating, and stick to a healthy diet to live a better life.

Smoking cessation is only required during pregnancy

There is a prevailing opinion that it is important to stop smoking only during pregnancy, but this is incorrect because smoking in general can affect the ovarian reserve, in addition to increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, so it is necessary in any case to stop smoking. Smoking is not only in the case of pregnancy.

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